The Magic Feeling of Having a Man Plan

You still have a dream in your heart. A dream of a love that can be your home when the world closes in.

So, Sleeping Beauty, why sleep when your heart can dance instead?

Being Brave Enough for Love is being willing to dance the dance of give and take, leading and following, Highs and lows, blending and being an individual. 

It's time for a plan. A picture. A guidebook filled with your thoughts and decisions about what you want, what you need,

The standard you set will help you be clear about the qualities and character of the Knight you are looking for.

It's time to give your heart wings. It's time to write your Man Plan.


First: Write your "Perfect For Me" Man Plan

Being Brave Enough for love is to take what's in your heart and dare to put it all out there - on paper first.

You will do the brainstorming.
I will pull out the key points. Together...
we'll create a Plan.


Tell Me More

Next: You will write your
 Courage Story

Be Brave Enough for Love. Something is standing in your way. You feel it. You hesitate to go all in for some reason. What is it?

It's Your Fear Story.
It's displacing your Courage Story and that's where we go next.

 Identity leads to Confidence.

Show Me the Details

It's not only about the relationship you want. It's about growing into the person who can bring everything she is fully to that relationship.

Bernice McDonald

The Love Waiting for you...this is your love, your heart.

What do YOU want?  What if your Man Plan could look something like:

  • A love where you know you are first. He loves you and his intentions are always good toward you.
  • A love that creates a home based on respect, kindness, laughter and caring.
  • A love where you see him and what he believes in, what he stands for. 
  • A love where you are both growing into being who you want to be.
  • A love where you believe in the same big causes, share many of the same values. 
  • A love where you don't doubt that he always has your back as you have his. He would step in front of a speeding bus for you.

The Man Plan Advantage

Your "Perfect For You" Man Plan gives you the advantage. It's the vision. The goal. The creation that now requires a blueprint and steps.

  • You want to feel certain that you can take care of your heart. You'll feel more confident dating than ever before. Setting a standard develops a strong sense of identity. 
  • You want to feel relaxed and attractive. A man will be mesmerized by you because you will be confidently soft, feminine, fun and at home with yourself. Like you, he wants to feel free to be himself.
  • You want to be able to trust your intuition. Because you know the way you want to feel with a guy, you'll be able to assess if he's someone you want to grow old alongside.
  • You want to be pursued, not be the one pursuing.  You'll know what needs your heart has.  Your deal breakers will be on the table. You'll let him make his own choices and you will make yours.
  • You want to feel ready with a heart warm and open. This Plan will be your foundation, your guide. You'll know who you are and want you want
  • You want to feel as if you're enough. The stories fear tells you won't hold you back any longer. You'll have a Power Story that you'll be growing into more every day. This is about you, not him.

The "Perfect For Me" Man Plan Experience

The Free Exploration Call

I love the heart. That includes yours.

When we meet, we'll talk about everything from your vision to your love journey.

Who you are. What you want.

We're not just talking about finding you the man of your dreams. We're planning a pathway that is a part of the legacy you're here in this life to create.

This is about you stepping into your courage. Proudly taking back the leadership of your own life.

Schedule Your Free Exploration Call

Your Man Plan Playbook

Your heart. Your voice.

This will be your chance to love yourself to pieces. I have created this first Playbook as a fun, creative way for you to tell the Story of the love that is your dream.

  • You will reveal to me your top values and needs as you describe "My Perfect Day With the Love of My Life".
  • You will detail what lights you up and what would shut you down.
  • You will determine your deal-breakers.
  • You will think through what you need to be loved, to feel safe, challenged, seen and connected.
  • You will understand the qualities of the man you would need to choose to live in this love with you.
  • Then, knowing you...knowing what you want, I'll pick it up from there and help you create a complete Man Plan that you are going to be excited about.

Your Courage Story Playbook

To be in the love you want, we are going to discover the "you" who will step up and stand up for the Man Plan you have designed.

  • Using the acronym "S.O.F.T.", we are going to set you free to live in your real beauty.
  • You have strengths you can step into and grow.
  • You have fear stories you can now open up to and transform.
  • You have a veiled beauty that you need to release.
  • You are incredible. A heart. A life. One of a kind. Standing up for this woman is the most powerful thing you will ever do.
  • Once you submit your Playbook to me, I will summarize and format as your unique Power Story.

"Where Your Man Plan Intersects With Your Courage Story" Playbook

You can't keep a magic like yours to yourself. The world needs you. .

There's a man who needs you, too.  He needs you to see him, to believe in him, to walk beside him as he lives out his purpose in this world.

A man who will put his arms around you and cherish all you are.

That's what this Playbook is about. To honor all you are and how you bring that into the love you want.

  • Using the R.E.LA.X. Relationship system, you are going to discover all the ways you can love a guy.
  • And all the ways you can do that while still loving and respecting who you are.
  • You are going to put your Strategy into an Action Plan and I'm going to walk you beside you as you enact your first steps.

30 Day Follow-up

I believe in you and I believe in this process. It was my Man Plan that was the game-changer for me.

  •  That simple Plan told my heart that I was serious about going for love again. And standing up for myself while I was doing it.
  • It helped me to RELAX and know that I was worth pursuing - I am enough - and that any man who would have me loving him would be the luckiest man in the world.
  • It takes about a month to get a solid grip on making Brave habits into permanent habits. So I have you book a call with me 30 days after our last call. Then we can evaluate your progress, Look at what's come up for you and what your next steps could be.

I want you, with all my heart, to succeed. I want you to find the love you are reaching for.

Work with me and let's create your Man Plan

Are you ready to be Brave?
Step past the Fiery Fear Dragon and let's create your Man Plan.
Let's redefine your Story of Courage.

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