Episode 31: What If You Could See Yourself Through His Eyes?

One thing I hear from many women over 50 is that there is a serious lack of "good men" left out there. The one thing I say back is...don't give up because there is still one who is looking for someone just like YOU!

Dating can be seen as a challenge - or dating can be seen as fun. It just depends how you look at it.

An article I recently found said that today is the day of CHOICE. You can write your list and you can expect to find someone to fit it. You don't have to settle. That's a good thing...

The problem can come when we focus on our list every time we sit down with a guy and decide how many things he checks off. You will more-so find his flaws than see his heart - or the good things about him he may be hiding.

So, in this episode, we're talking about the 2 lists you DO need to write down about who you're looking for.

But THEN - there's something else to consider. If you were go out on a date with YOU, how would you come across? What would he be picking up from you?

We forget to see things through his eyes. And we forget to relax and be ourselves which could also give him a false sense of what we're all about.

The 3 Power Pillars for this week are:

Power Pillar #1: Your "Why": To know who you want and who you don't want - and then find the person that fits the best with you.

Power Pillar #2: The Truth Is... Be honest in your evaluation of yourself. Are you happy with who you are?  Or do you try to be someone you're not because you are trying to impress him?  Or maybe come across as someone who is fearful and wary and all closed up?

Power Pillar #3: Hope-Filled Action. What are doing about this?

  1. Write your 2 lists.
  2. Do the 3rd exercise I walk you through and think about living the Perfect Day with the Love of Your Live. Who are you in that Story? Consider what you would need to do in order to move more joyfully toward becoming that person.

**As they say: "If you aim at nothing, you're sure to hit it." So don't aim at nothing - know what your dream looks like!

I'd love to hear how you did with these exercises. Send me a Private Message.  Follow me @opentoloveagain on Instagram and send me a PM.

It's time to stand up for your heart!

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Here are some shortcuts into this Episode:

We all have our "List" of what we want
Write your list, forget your list and focus here instead
Kim's Love Story
Power Pillar #1: Your "Why" - To find Your "Perfect For You" Person
Power Pillar #2: The Truth Is...Am I ready for a love like this?
Power Pillar #3: Hope-Filled Action...Your Action Steps for this week.
1. Write your 2 lists.
2. Describe your "Perfect Day" with the Love of your Life.


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