Episode 29: Sparkle Power Can Transform You Into A Conflict Ninja

You can stay in your anger and watch your heart slowing closing down forever...

Or you can choose the other Path - the Life Is Simple Path. And come out feeling really proud of who you are becoming...with a little Sparkle thrown in.

Sparkle Power means stepping into your S.O.F.T.

S   Strong on the Inside
O  Open to new solutions (in life, in love)
F  Feisty, fun and feeling
T  True to Yourself

Running into problems with people is a normal activity on the Path of Life. Opening to love again means you need to stop fearing it.

In this week's Podcast, we'll talk about facing conflict (even in love), bringing it down to size and managing your emotions so that you come out on the other side more as a leader than an angry hot mess.

Power Pillar #1: Know Your Why: Who do you want to be - always?

Power Pillar #2: The Truth Is... Are you applying the  "Life is Simple" principles?

Power Pillar #3: Hope-Filled Action: Are you taking Hope-Filled Action or Hurt-Filled Action?


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Here are some shortcuts into this Episode:

Keep Life "Simple"
How would you respond to conflict like this?
You can take the "heart closing" Path or you can go the "heart opening" Path
Power Pillar #1: Start with your Why.
Power Pillar #2: The Truth Is...
Power Pillar #3: Hope-Filled Action or Hurt-Filled Action?

Watch the Video: Your Heart Matters

You matter. Your heart matters.

Discover the light you're meant to shine. The love you're meant to give. The song you're meant to sing.


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Lonely? Feeling invisible? You are a beautiful Heart walking on this Path we call "Life". And you have a Light To Shine...a Love to Give. The Secret to taking your life back is to be YOU - fully, completely, with purpose and grit. This is a Podcast meant to inspire! Come listen. (you can also watch the Video version above)

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