Episode 28: You Matter - Your Heart Matters

Are you living in your head - or from your heart?

THE Secret to being True to Yourself is owning your heart. Being IN your heart. Recognizing that your heart is the place from which you live.

if you are to Open your Heart to Love Again, you need to be at peace with who you are. That's what my Knight has always said drew him to me. I knew who I was.

Want to know softness? Live from your heart.

Want to know joy? Live from your heart.

Want to know how to feel overflowing love? Live from your heart.

In this Episode, we simplify life. You - on a Path.

You own the one that's yours. It's yours alone. Nobody can walk it for you AND nobody can tell you HOW to walk it - unless you let them.

The Power Pillars for this week:

Power Pillar #1: Your purpose...Your Why. To LIVE your life, not observe it.

Power Pillar #2: The Truth Is... You are the one who makes the decision. Will you shine that light out of your beautiful heart to touch in the ways you're meant to? OR...will you shut it down?

Power Pillar #3: Your Hope-Filled Action - What could you do to tap into the light in your heart? How could you begin caring? Loving? Doing? (are you meeting the gaze and smiling into the eyes of 3 male people every day? Age, marital status, location do not matter).

YOU are amazing. You have your own light to shine. Love to give. Song to sing. Step into your S.O.F.T. 

S      Strong on the inside so you can be Soft on the outside.
O    Open to life and to love
F     Feminine
T     True To Yourself


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 Here are some shortcuts into this Episode:


The REASON you're here.
Life is actually very simple - and it's crucial to see it this way.
You make up Stories to explain why life happens to you like it does.
You are going to have to FIGHT to be YOU
Power Pillar #1: Your "why" is to be ALIVE while you live this life. Find your heart.
Power Pillar #2: The Truth Is...you have light to shine.
Hope-Filled Action: Your steps to finding that light which is yours alone.

Watch the Video: Your Heart Matters

You matter. Your heart matters.

Discover the light you're meant to shine. The love you're meant to give. The song you're meant to sing.


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What a man really wants is actually something that YOU, as  woman, especially beyond 50, can easily do...because you know about the heart. And THIS is about the heart.
Life is Simple.

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