Episode 27: Aim for UNSTOPPABLE!

What creates SPARKLE? What lights you up, attracting love TO you rather than you having to go chasing it?  

Wouldn't it be awesome to have permission to be FUN, FEISTY, SASSY like the Downy Un-stoppables commercial lady?

Watch it here.

What kind of aging do you want to do? What kind is in your heart?

To Open To Love Again, you need to be True to Yourself (the 'T' in S.O.F.T.).

Take a stand for who you are. Let your "Unstoppables" commercial lady out into the open and find out what you stand for by thinking through:

  • what you absolutely CAN'T stand
  • what makes you madder than a hornet?
  • what makes you cry for someone or a situation because it stirs you so deeply?

Even these are "your heart" and staying youthful and vibrant means owning this part of yourself.

Here's another link mentioned in this podcast. Listen to this beautiful song and sing the words TO YOUR OWN HEART.  I Will Fight For You.

Here are you Power Pillars for you to work on this week:

Power Pillar #1: Your Reason Why:  I want to open to love again.

Power Pillar #2: The Truth Is....I have SO MUCH life in me. A reason to be here.

  • I have a light to shine.
  • I have a love to live.
  • I have a song to sing.

Power Pillar #3:  Hope-filled Action: Fight for your heart. List what cheeses you off. Use it to feel that power inside to begin to ignite your passion from the inside out.

I'll show you Part 2 of this the next Episode: Podcast #28.

Come on in and discover the Secret. I'd love it if you'd join me.

YOU are amazing. You have your own light to shine. Love to give. Song to sing. Step into your S.O.F.T. 

S      Strong on the inside so you can be Soft on the outside.
O    Open to life and to love
F     Feminine
T     True To Yourself


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Here are some shortcuts into this Episode:


How do you become UNSTOPPABLE?

What does an Open Heart feel like?
To be UNSTOPPABLE is to be alive!
It's heartbreaking to stay stuck as you age.
To be UNSTOPPABLE...do this.
Power Pillar #1: Your Why is because you want to Open To Love Again.
Power Pillar #2: The Truth is...
Power Pillar #3: Hope-Filled Action. What cheeses you off? Get passionate! Tap into your beauty.

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