Episode 25: F is For Feminine - The Art of Just "Being"

Who are you? A woman who "takes charge" all the time and avoids feeling much of the time? I call this woman "Sarah".

Or a woman who feels and senses and has an amazing intuition? I call this woman "Collette".

Both are amazing, capable, impressive women with big hearts. But one lives in her "head" and one lives from her "heart".

Though both have use of what we call the "masculine" and "feminine" sides of us, one rarely lets the feminine show up. Which one do you think it is?

In this episode we're talking about the "F" in S.O.F.T.

S = Strong on the inside
O = Open to life and to love
F = Feminine
T = True to Yourself

An heart open to love has a strength inside that allows a beautiful softness to emerge on the "outside".  Allowing yourself to find your feminine is often tied to how you answer the question, "Am I enough for someone to fight for me?"

Power Pillar #1:  Your "why". Whatever you do, whatever decisions you make for how you choose to act or "be" are based on the answer to this one question.

Power Pillar #2:  The Truth Is...The answer to this one question must be "Yes".

Power Pillar #3: Hope Filled-Action  - A sense of peace and confidence will start to grow when you step out of life for a few moments every day and do this.

The app I referenced here: CALM   (I don't get any commissions from this - it's just a wonderful app).

I would love it if you would join me in this episode!

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Here are some shortcuts into this Episode:


A tale of 2 Women: One in her head, one in her heart
The questions your heart is always asking and you don't even realize it.
Sometimes we are feminine - sometimes we are in our masculine.
Power Pillar #1: What is Your answer to this Question - "Am I Enough to be loved?"
Power Pillar #2: The Truth Is...the answer is "YES - I am enough".
Power Pillar #3: Hope-Filled Action - Just "Be". That's all.

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