Episode 23: Let Your "Lowell" Out! Release Your Courage To Face Any Obstacle.

Did you know you have a "Lowell" in you?  Lowell is my new Hero. He's clinically blind but he ran in the Amazing Race Canada, 4th Season. I was blown away!

I have learned a lot from Lowell about facing life and it's obstacles. Sometimes the Path that you and I are walking is very similar to the Amazing Race. Ever see love that way?

What's the next obstacle? The next clue? You rip open the envelope and SURPRISE! There's something new you have to tackle.

In this podcast, discover the "Lowell" you have inside of you and how letting the same courage he draws from become YOUR COURAGE will open your heart. Not only to life (cause that's where you practice) but to love again.

Come on in and have a listen...you deserve first place!

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Here are some shortcuts into this Episode:

I want to be him. To face life like Lowell Taylor.
You want to open to love again - it takes courage. Amazing Race courage.
Power Pillar #1: Purpose: Who do you want to be?
Power Pillar #1: The Truth Is...Resist or Accept?
Power Pillar #3: Hope-Filled Action. Every day do this.

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