Episode 22: Being Strong When You Just Want To Stay In Bed

You slowly wake up...you know it's time to get out of bed. But then - YOU REMEMBER. Your life is so tough.

"I can't face it. I can't do it."

All you want to do is pull the covers up and go back to sleep - like for 3 more days.

Been there. But you know what I found out? You feel worse when you just black it all out. Keeping yourself asleep keeps your heart asleep.

Hiding denies something I'm going to tell you about from ever getting out there and proving that YOU have a reason - even a right - to be here!

And YOU were meant to be awake. You have a life to live. A song to sing. A light to shine...and it's not HARD to find what yours is.

The bonus? If there is anything that will attract the love of your life as you have never known before...this is it.

Come join me and give yourself a chance to dare to begin to have a reason to swing those dainty feel over onto that cold floor and say, "Look out, world...I'm up!"

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Light up the world with your S.O.F.T. 

  • = Strong on the inside so you can be Soft on the outside
  • O = Open heart, open to life
  • F = Feminine: delightfully, creatively relaxing into being a woman
  • T = True to yourself

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Here are some shortcuts into this Episode:

Eyes fly open...and you remember.
The Secret to "Soft" on the outside is to be "Strong" on the inside
A Reminder of WHO YOU ARE
Reminder that you CAN control this one thing even if it's the only thing
Power Pillar #1 to get you out of bed in the morning

Power Pillar #2 The Truth Is...you have a light to shine
Power Pillar #3: Hope-Filled Action - "Look up and say, "Show me how I'm meant to write my love on the world."

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