Episode 20: Love Is Seeing Him, Accepting Him, Giving Him Room To Be Who He Is

Did you know that you can actually deepen love through the eyes?

One of the most fun, romantic, juicy times of dating is when you can't look away, right? Words stop. You get that flutter happening in the pit of your stomach and it's like time stands still.

Secret: Keep that kind of gazing up (it's called the Soul Gaze) and it will reveal to you all that is needed to touch that man deeply where it matters most...for now and always.

Seeing and being seen are two of the most important cures for fearing to love again.

It's all here - in this podcast.

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Here are some shortcuts into this Episode:

The art of seeing into the heart of a man is through the eyes
Is love about being seen...or about seeing?
Power Pillar 1: To know a deep love that touches the deepest heart
Power Pillar 2: The Truth Is...I've built a high wall around my heart to keep people out.
What is "respect"?
Power Pillar 3: Who do YOU want to be in love? What is your Love Signature?

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