Episode 19: What IF You Could Simply Spread Your Wings And Fly...Maybe Right Back Into Love Again?


You WERE meant to fly. You were not meant to stay small, hiding because you've been hurt before and you're afraid now that it will happen again.

The Story, "I can't help it. It's just the way I am"  is not gonna work for you if you're ever going to bring out the magic that's been planted in your heart.

The world needs you and what's on your heart.

Those you love - the ONE you love or will love - needs you to show up exactly as you are... heart full of love.



Supporting in all the ways you are meant to.

Step off the ledge of risk, of taking a chance and SPROUT your wings.  Your life - your LOVE - will never be the same and LIFE will be so much more incredibly rich and exciting.

Start here in this very episode. Look forward to seeing you inside.

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Here's the short version of this Episode:


The Story of Woman Who Stepped Off A Building and Sprouted Wings
The desire for more - the desire for "wings". We all have that inside.
It comes down to 2 things when you decide if you will find your love wings...or stay the way you are.
Power Pillar 1: You can wave the Magic Wand, flip the "I can't help it, it's just who I am" Story over to the "I can fly" Story
Power Pillar 2: Maybe you won't fall. Maybe it's who you were meant to be.
Power Pillar 3: Here is your Hope-Filled Action Steps toward finding your wings

TAKE THE QUIZ: What's Your Courageous Love Archetype??

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In today's episode, we talk about how NOT to resign yourself to the fact that you are a victim held in the paws of bad luck or a recurring Story that keeps you forever stuck in a loop of dreams not coming true. 

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You are WAY stronger than you know. No matter what happens, there's something inside of you that makes you stand out - and STAND UP.

Which branch in the road will you decide to take?


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