Episode 18: Stop Being the Victim and Step Into Your Courage.

Have you ever had someone's words absolutely CRUSH your heart? It can happen anywhere along the Path of our life but particularly when it comes to love. You are vulnerable because our hearts reach for love our whole lives long.

What do you do with that? You tell yourself a Story and, if you're not careful, your Story becomes a permanent song you sing. 

"This always happens to me". 

"I'm not meant for love". 

"I'm just not the kind of person who finds love."

This is not true for you. This is pricking your finger on Sleeping Beauty's spindle and putting your heat to sleep because it feels safer that way.  

In today's episode, we talk about how NOT to resign yourself to the fact that you are a victim held in the paws of bad luck or a recurring Story that keeps you forever stuck in a loop of dreams not coming true. 

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Here's the short version of this Episode:

What you SEE is what you GET
Life happens - A bomb goes off, a boulder falls on you, rocks get thrown - what then?
The Fiery FEAR Dragon roars - and you're stuck. How do you get unstuck?
The real question here: WHO do you want to be? WHAT do you want?

You decide: step into your courage or not?
Change what you see. Pull out your Treasure Chest.
The jewels in your Treasure Chest are the strengths that can change your life.

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