Episode 17: Think You're Not Enough? Wrong! There's Treasure In You.

Somebody comes along as you're walking your Path...living your life, doing your best. And they blow your world apart.

What do you do? Well... if you're like me  you tell yourself a Story. Like...I guess I'm not enough.

That's just one choice. You could also wave the Magic Wand and flip that Story to the other side - and see life from an entirely different perspective.

You, m'Lady, have a Treasure Chest filled with amazingness inside that incredible heart of yours. And that's the secret - find the treasure, find the part of you that helps you make sense of this crazy life and all its hurts.

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What will light you up open your heart to life - and so to LOVE - again? Doing what you love.

I have 3 heroic women I look up to all 3 who went for a dream AFTER 70 (one in her 90's) .Listen and let your heart wake up to be inspired.

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