Episode 15: You Go, Girl! No More Crumbs - No More Big But

How many times has someone hurt you?  What has happened to your heart, as a result?  Even though you have SO MUCH love to give inside, you end up closing up and deciding it just isn't worth it.

What IF there was a way to stand strong but stay soft? What IF you could open your heart wide AND be the one to decide if you let someone back in there or not?

With confidence.
With courage.
With the joy of just being who you are and deciding to love somebody because you simply can?

Here's what I did (and what lots of women have used as the secret) to cross over that line of fear to letting all that fabulous sparkle out.  It's a place of freedom, relaxing into love again and... as it happened for me, attracting the man of my dreams was a bonus!