Episode 14: What You Can Learn From A Hallmark Movie (& it's not cheesy)

Have you ever noticed how every Hallmark movie has a pattern?  You can predict exactly what's going to happen but we love them anyway because we LOVE love.

Despite the fact that maybe you can only watch so many in a row, there is something  you can learn from the love we see in these movies that can apply to us in real life

And it's actually a comforting, reassuring fact with a message that tells you... Yes! You can do this. You can find love and you can make it work. There's a secret here that you need to know.

Come on in to this episode and I'll share it with you.

THIS is Your Year Starting Right Here, Right Now
I can learn something from a Hallmark Movie?
Enter the 5 Stories and The Fiery FEAR Dragon
Here’s the Truth: YOU CAN do this
Allow the 4 Phases of “Opening” to Open Your Heart:
Phase 1: Love Your Story
Phase 2: S.O.F.T.en
Phase 3: R.E.L.A.X. into love
Phase 4: Sparkle!
 Your Hope-Filled Action for Today: Download the Checklist: Which Story Will You Change This Year starting right here, right now?
Want the Transcript? Download here.