Episode 12: The 5 Stories the Fiery FEAR Dragon Will Tell You To Keep You From Dreaming

Love is what keeps your heart warm like sitting beside a fireplace, sipping hot chocolate, all snuggled up with your grandbaby.

Love is also found in the romantic dance that we dance with the partner who sees us, cares about us, want to see us happy and fulfilled in this life. And would die to make that happen.

It's a normal, natural desire to want and cherish that kind of love, too.

But one thing stops us. The FEAR that jumps out at as after someone has hurt us.

It's as if we prick our finger on a spindle like Sleeping Beauty and fall asleep. The spindle is the pain. And it's our hearts who go to sleep while we're still walking around doing our best to live...often without love. Not because it isn't out there but because we've closed it.

The drawbridge to the castle is shut and a huge wall of thorns grows around.

A Fiery FEAR  Dragon stands on guard to ensure that we are safe. No one is getting in there to hurt us again.

In this episode we face that Fiery FEAR Dragon once more but THIS TIME, we're going to name him "Fred" and thank him for being our Protector. He's just doing his job.

However...there are sometimes more important reasons to step out from behind our protector,  Fred, the Fiery FEAR Dragon, and take a chance. LOVE would be one of those reasons.  Yes, it takes courage.  But courage is something also hiding inside of you.

Come see if this could be the door into refuting the Stories the Dragon tells you to keep you sleeping. Perhaps it's time to step into that Courage and open up to love again.

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You have a Fiery FEAR Dragon on guard outside your castle
What is the Fiery FEAR Dragon whispering (or roaring) at you?
Shrink that Fiery FEAR Dragon down to size using the 3 Power Pillars
You can take tiny steps. It’s called “Hope-Filled Action”

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