Episode 11: Does Your Closed Heart Respond Like A Tigger or An Eeyore?

Tigger? Eeyore? Princess? A closed heart shows up, in many cases, like one of these.

You may not even realize it because it's a kind of behind the scenes "spell" you fall under depending on the condition of your heart.

A closed heart "acts" out as much as an open heart does and THAT, my beautiful lady, affects your love life. How you are with a guy. How you respond, how you see him, sense him, feel him.

It all matters - just like your heart does. Yes! Your longings for love and happiness are incredibly important and deserve to be heard.

What's behind the "identity" you live with? The Stories you tell yourself. Conclusions you jump to because of what kind of things you've walked through on your Life Path - in life and in love.

So...Tigger or Eeyore? Which are you?

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"Courage is not the absence of FEAR but rather the judgement that
something else is MORE IMPORTANT than the FEAR."
Andrew Redmoon

 Your heart needs constant reminding of this fact.
Courage is part of "encouragement".

Remind me to be courageous...