Episode 09: You May Be Running Away From Love...

We seem to be on a "running" theme right now with talking about love.

Hey, lovely ladies, who want to be in love but are frustrated with the results of your search...No man "gets" you. No sees your heart. It seems as if you are alone even when you're with someone.

Did you know that feeling this way can be a result of running? It's exhausting. These are the kinds of signs that show up when we are focusing on all we are running from. Such as...our pain.

There s a big difference when we shift to a new way of seeing life - and love. Instead of running from our pain, we can shift to run toward our future. And make it a sun-filled future.

This podcast lays this shift out for you. 

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Running "Toward the Sunshine" Kind of Story
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Hope-Filled Action
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