Episode 07: How the Run Away Bride Woke Up Her Heart

It's always about the heart. Your heart. His heart.

And knowing the heart of the one you love. Know what? That's the secret to love which Maggie and Ike learn in on of my favorite chick flicks, "Runaway Bride". 

What should be the key quality you go for in a man? 

And what should be the key quality you develop when opening to love a man?

It may be different than you think.

Find out in this episode. Let me know what you think!

Bad Fairies and the Brick Wall That Blocked Maggie
Romantic Love is Happiness Lived By Two
Your Heart wants someone who wants to “see” you
Love is also about what’s in a Man’s Heart
We need to understand our own Story in order to start a New Love Story
Tell the TRUTH about what is going on inside your head (and heart)
So here's what I want you to do. Hope-Filled Action

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