Episode 06: How the Run Away Bride Changed Her "I Am Not Enough" Story

And the Story continues...the Run Away Bride Story. Last podcast we started talking about one of the most popular chick flicks on the planet.

Her Story is a parallel to many of us who have run away from life (and love) by shutting down our hearts. Hiding. And, saddest of all, believing that we are who others say we are - most of the time without even realizing it.

What Maggie in the Runaway Bride did to re-invent her life (and open her heart to love) is what will also set each of us free.

It's what I did. And we talk about it in today's episode right here.

 We relate to Maggie’s heart
Maggie told herself she wasn’t good enough
Maggie changed her Story and found the Magic
How Maggie Changed Her Story
Your true heart shines through your character.
Hope-Filled Action: Imagine meeting yourself 10 years from now.

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