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I don't want to be frozen by the fear of aging. 
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Show me how to be fully engaged in my life.... how to find my purpose and passion.

  Are you right on the edge of getting older?

What comes to your mind when you think of moving into those years?

Small? Wrinkled? Alone? Helpless? Being poor? THE END?

Do you envision the women you know who haven't aged so well? Cranky, dependent, disillusioned. Given up on life?

This isn't YOUR destiny...Unless you do nothing at this point.

You're not locked into becoming "old" (or cranky or dependent) even though you're aging.

In fact, you can love your life.

Can you answer "Yes" to any of these questions?


  1. Do you believe that reaching retirement and older means that you will have to resign yourself to a life that is winding down?

  2. Is there this fear lurking in the back of your mind that is telling you that you're really "not enough" to chase your dreams anymore?

  3. Has life been a joy-thief taking your energy, left you weary, robbing you of your vision or creativity?

  4. Are you actually avoiding thinking about aging because, down deep, you're afraid?

  5. Have you lost sight of who you are, feel out of control so thinking about who you're going to be in this next phase leaves you feeling empty, clueless?

What if...

You could throw everything you thought you knew about aging out the window and become someone who...

Has a zip in her step. Owns who she is.

Faces whatever happens in life from here on in with courage and pizazz.

Laughs a lot. Follows her heart.

Knows how to put fear in its place with a deep, passionate kind of love.

Knows who she is, keeps growing that woman inside and always has a plan for her future.

I hope you want to age gracefully ...beautifully.

So I have something for you. With my compliments.

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What's the dream in your heart to do, be, have... that you don't talk about much anymore because you see it disappearing off into the distance as you tick off birthdays?

Maybe it's to find an Over the Moon, Never Leave Me Love.

Or to leave the job that is draining you and start the one you know would light you up every morning when you jump out of bed.

Or to buy your dream home. Or Travel the world.

 Maybe it's to make a difference to others by starting the business you've already planned out in your head?

What if you are at the "perfect age" to focus on what matters?

This little book tells you how to take life by the horns and stop letting it tell you who you are. It's time for YOU to decide!

Don't let another minute go by - get it now!

Yes! I want it.

Time IS marching on but you can create a vision that takes away the pain and brings back the passion.

This is YOUR season. YOUR time.
Grab onto this opportunity with both your hands and your heart because, once you get going with me,
you'll NEVER see aging the same way again.

Your book is waiting. It's small but it's mighty and it's going to open your eyes to see some things in a new way. Like aging. And ADVENTURE.

Your information is safe with me. I never share it.

Hey, I hear you

I don't want to get "old" either. It's scary to let your youth go and feel as if you're going to end up on the shelf.

I'm Bernice McDonald, Mindset Coach, and I've determined that I'm going to find ways to grow the "me" on the inside no matter what my body is doing on the outside. I'm focusing on "purpose" rather than the fear of getting older.

I am a heart. Walking on a path called "Life" and I decide WHO I'm going to be and how I'm going to handle the journey every step of the way.

I'm starting a Club. "The Brave Heart Girls Club" and my mission is to bring out the beautiful parts of aging in each woman I meet.

I also started a Podcast to talk about all these things. Come Listen. "S.O.F.T. & Strong: Brave Enough To Be The Real Me After 50

S.O.F.T. & Strong: The Podcast