Moving into your later years...

Where your career changes,
your finances decrease and your lifestyle shifts
can be daunting, to say the least. Downright scary.
So scary that many women leave their hearts out of it...closing them down.


S.O.F.T. & Strong.  I believe that we shouldn't fear aging. Every stage should bring its own kind of Magic.

And every woman should be given the opportunity to discover her own.

  • To find the freedom of a voice that expresses what she really wants. (Her Passion)
  • To value what SHE has to offer the world.  (Her Purpose).
  • To have a sense of certainty. Clarity. To claim that she's going to be OK because now she knows where she's going and what she needs to do.
Show me! I Need A New Vision

Your happy, fulfilled life is my Mission.

As a Women's Life Coach / Mindset Coach, I love working with women just like you because my mission is to help you see that you are enough...

To grab onto your life and live it to the fullest.

I've seen far too many older women shrink away and give up on themselves as they get older.

I don't want that for you.

Know what the Real Secret is to Aging Beautifully?

What will keep you feeling youthful, adventurous, open to love and filled with gratitude through every year of your life?

Two things:

  1. A strong, unshakable Identity.
  2. Purpose.

These 2 things will get you through ANYTHING. No matter what happens with your health, your circumstances or the world around you. 

And if you want to start to LOVE yourself and your life, the first step is putting a VISION into your hands.

The saddest feeling is regret

To wish that you had done something differently and know that it's too late.

Aging Beautifully is about you finding your heart again. Now. Before it's too late.

Aging Beautifully is about believing in yourself. Knowing you were made for a reason.

Not for what you DO but for WHO YOU ARE.

Aging Beautifully is Aging Gracefully.

To know that nothing in your life has been a waste. It has built in you a strength of character that is yours alone.

This is YOUR TIME.

This is when it all comes together to relax you into the person you are meant to be.

What will you gain by creating an
Aging Beautifully Vision With Me?

  • A Regret-Proof Life. Purpose. Courage. Confidence.
  • 9 coaching sessions over 3 months.
  • Me - creating your Vision alongside you and crafting the steps that will inspire and empower you.
  • Access to all my tools and expertise adapted individually for you.

The biggest fear of aging for women is that they will fall into helplessness. Lose their ability to be independent...forget how to laugh...sink into a lifestyle where they feel useless and insignificant. Disappear.


You are going to be the one who is S.O.F.T. & Strong:

  • S = Strong on the inside so you can show softness on the outside.
  • O = Open. You will be open to all the magic in life.
  • F = Fearlessly Loving. Because it's who you are.
  • T = True to Yourself. You'll honor who you are & who you're becoming.

Strong Inside Soft Outside

No angry old lady for you. You may ask, "How do I reinvent myself to be sure this doesn't happen?"

An Aging Beautifully Vision Statement for your life creates a new strength of character and purpose so you know where to focus no matter what happens down the road.

You'll be Open to Life and Love

A closed heart - a frightened heart will cause you to miss out on what makes you feel alive.

An Aging Beautifully Vision opens your eyes to see what's good and meaningful TO YOU. You'll feel the sun, find answers where you least expect them and believe love conquers fear.

You'll be Fearlessly Loving

Fear can literally freeze you in time, stop you from living , take away your belief in what's good.

An Aging Beautifully Vision makes you brave. It give you a reason to have courage and put what you value most first - even in the face of challenges. You won't back down. You will love.

You'll be True To Yourself

Who tells you who you are? You know that aging often means someone else dictating how your life should be.

An Aging Beautifully Vision allows you to know ahead of time what you want. Who you are. It's a solid commitment you make to yourself that you return to every time you have to make a choice.

A No-Regrets Life for you may include answers to these kinds of questions...

  • How can I be more fulfilled?
  • How can I lean into more intentional relationships?
  • How am I going to finally give my dream business my full effort?
  • How will I take better care of myself?
  • Who is it that will tell me who I am from here on?
  • What every day habits will I create to be more accountable to myself?
  • How can I embrace the dream I know I want BUT all my "buts" stand in my way?
  • How am I going to make this difficult decision?
  • How can I step into the confidence I know is there beneath the surface?
  • Who am I...really?
  • How am I going to look fear in the face and move toward my most desired life despite what he says?
  • What truly matters to me? What are MY values?
  • How do I finally start living as the real me?
  • How can I master the fear of aging and aim toward becoming a strong 70 year old?
  • What is my purpose? My own personal calling in life?
  • Based on all I've learned, all I have become, how am I going to make an impact that lasts going forward?
  • What's the legacy I want to leave?

Your Aging Beautifully Vision includes the answers to your core questions... and more.

  • Your vision will include a "Who I am" statement.
  • We'll find your 'Life Word' and define it so you'll never doubt what your real purpose is again.
  • We'll make a list of your values. How you want to show up in the world.
  • We'll strategize the steps needed to bring you the life you want. However that looks for YOU.
  • We'll laugh. We'll cry. We'll experiment. We'll strategize and go back to the drawing board if we have to.
  • In the end, with a new Aging Beautifully Vision and Plan in place, you'll forget all about the fear of aging. You'll be too busy being excited about where you're going.

You'll begin to see the woman you are emerge more every day.
And every step will take you closer to being the woman you want to be.

A new courage and confidence, leaving the fear of aging behind.

Brave Enough to do, be, go for anything you want. To love yourself. To reinvent the picture of who will be beyond 50, 60, 70...and who knows?

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You owe it to yourself to check this out

If you know you're not living up to your full potential... and you're disappointed with yourself.

If you're not living your life to the fullest. You're bored or exhausted. And you're not sure how you're going to get to a better place...

If you're waking up at night wondering what's next... after the next birthday, after you retire, if you get sick, if you are alone...

If you're rebelling about the fact that you have to get older...

If you relate to any of these things, then, yes, you owe it to yourself to check this coaching out.

I've had all those thoughts. I AM there, too. But we don't have to just sink into the despair, the fear, the lonliness.

Maybe your mom or your aunts or your grandma let their vitality go. Stopped living the adventure. Just quit.

But that doesn't have to be your path.

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