Episode 01: You ARE A Heart. A Beautiful Heart.

Women. Divorced. Heartbroken. Beyond 50, 60, 70. It's easy to close down your heart and simply give up. But giving up love means that you also give up pieces of your life.

In this premiere episode of "Open To Love Again", discover:

  • How the Stories you are telling yourself are blocking you
  • How a woman like Sleeping Beauty
  • How Life is Simple, you have what it takes - you just lack the Courage.

We are going to travel this LIfe Path together for a while. And you are going to activate a Courage inside that you never believed was possible.

During this time, you will decide if you want to find love again, find yourself empowered to simply be YOU and remove the barriers that keep you from the dream in your heart.

Come on in and let's get started!

Transcript: Episode 01 You Are A Heart