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Podcast 44: Yeah - You ARE Brave Enough Even If You Think You're Not

becoming brave 101 Oct 30, 2021

Is this YOU? "I'm not brave! I act like I'm brave. I try to talk brave. But I know I'm not..."

You and nearly every other woman on this planet. ESPECIALLY if you're moving on past your 40's and 50's and up the age line. Did you know that MOST women shrink back from life the older they get?

In today's episode you are going to hear about how I took a look at the older women in my life on my 19th birthday and almost decided to just give up. I was so scared that I was going to have to turn out like them...

But a kind of miraculous thing happened that day - a long time ago - which put me onto my own Path from Not Enough to Brave Enough. And eventually set the stage to go on some amazing adventures and meet an incredible man.

And the same insight I received that day is exactly the same insight that is going to inspire and stir up YOUR Brave Enough no matter how old you are now and no matter what it is that you think you're not Brave Enough to do.

Come join us. Come step into the world of the "Secret Inner Hero Society" and let's do this together! Let's be Brave Enough for love...for whatever life throws at us. Cause we got this!

See you in there!

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