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Episode 40: How To Be As Confident As Wonder Woman On A Date

becoming brave 101 Jun 27, 2021
 Wonder Woman? Excuse me? I'm way beyond 50, flabby and far from being able to you're asking way too much.

Not asking you to LOOK like Wonder Woman.. . I'm asking you if you SEE yourself as someone who's like Wonder Woman?

What do you think? Could you?

How you see yourself is how you come across - in life AND on a date.

In this episode, I'm going to show you how this affects the way you even approach a date which affects how you feel and how a man feels when he's with you.

Shouldn't it be about both of you just having fun,  enjoying your time together - no matter where that leads?

Here's a hint at the 3 Courage Pillars to help you step into being Brave Enough For Love:

Courage Pillar #1: Your "Why". 
When you live from your BEST self, you will automatically love from that place too. Is this you?

Courage Pillar #2: The Truth Is:
You live, as we all do, in your Comfort Zone. You're telling yourself a Story about why you can't get out of it. Stay in that Story - and you will never find the love you want.

Courage Pillar #3: Hope-Filled Action:
Use these ideas to nail down YOUR Courageous Identity - the part of you that is Brave. Yes, Brave Enough For Love.

Come on in and have a listen!

Here's the link I mention in the podcast - the Man Plan Strategy Call with me. 
Here's the Transcript.

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