Episode 38: Are YOU Brave Enough For Love?


To be brave...is to take action even when you're scared.

To be brave...is to believe even in love even when you've moved the age needle past 50 and even when you've been hurt.

To be brave...is to hold a picture of the life you want just ahead while putting the steps in place to make it happen. Focusing there...living here.

To be brave...is to love. Period. To let it be who you are with no strings attached.

To be brave...is to create a Plan for love. A "Perfect For Me" Man Plan.  (Click this link to find out how.)

To be brave...is to carry that Plan out.

All of this is what we're talkin' about in this podcast.

Come on in and discover if YOU are brave enough for love.

 Click here for the Transcript


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