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Episosde 42: Being Brave Enough To Trust Again

becoming brave 101 Jul 26, 2021

Ever said, "I will never trust ANY man ever again..."? Yup - me, too. I've said that.

But let's think about this. What's the fallout of making a decision like that? You tie the whole world of LOVE to one relationship - or a few relationships that didn't work out.

You end up alone. Shut down. And in a pretty dreary place. Look how much magic you could be leaving on the table!

In this podcast we talk about how one woman who found herself suspicious, not only of men, but of everyone, came back to find the love of her life. She dug down deep and discovered her "grit". But she also gave herself a lot of grace to heal, to grow and to open again.

Guess what! You have this inside you, too. And activating your grit and your grace will bring out a true beauty you may not even realize is there. That's attractive. And that's BRAVE!

Want the Transcript? Download here.

PSST!  Do you still want the magic but are afraid to trust someone again? Does love seem like it's for everyone else but you? So what if you're pushing beyond 50...Something is standing between you and all your dreams. My passion is to help you discover what that is and open your heart to everything you want. Send me an Private Message on IG and ask me anything.  @braveenoughforlove

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