Episode 43: 3 Ways You May Be Pushing A Man Away


But you're asking yourself...Where are all the good guys? The ones who want a commitment - not just a fling?

Why is it that every time it seems as if the chemistry is working, it just fizzles out?

Is it me? Is it them? Is it that I just haven't met "the one" yet?

OK. First of all, you're not alone. You're not the only one.

Just because you're friends who you thought would have a tough time finding a guy are surprising you by finding exactly what they want and you're coming up with nothing, that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you.

You may just need to tweak your approach a little. Give a listen and see if any of the 3 things I talk about here ring any bells with you.

And then...for a few more to think about, download my the free assessment with the 5 things to ask your heart to see if you're Ready For Love.

Don't give up...GROW. Find out what's not working and then GROW into being the confident yet S.O.F.T. woman who has the choice of picking and choosing who she...

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Episosde 42: Being Brave Enough To Trust Again


Ever said, "I will never trust ANY man ever again..."? Yup - me, too. I've said that.

But let's think about this. What's the fallout of making a decision like that? You tie the whole world of LOVE to one relationship - or a few relationships that didn't work out.

You end up alone. Shut down. And in a pretty dreary place. Look how much magic you could be leaving on the table!

In this podcast we talk about how one woman who found herself suspicious, not only of men, but of everyone, came back to find the love of her life. She dug down deep and discovered her "grit". But she also gave herself a lot of grace to heal, to grow and to open again.

Guess what! You have this inside you, too. And activating your grit and your grace will bring out a true beauty you may not even realize is there. That's attractive. And that's BRAVE!

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PSST!  Do you still want the magic but are afraid to trust someone again? Does love seem like it's for...
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Episode 41: 5 Ways To Grow Your "Brave Enough" Even If You Haven't Found Love Yet


What if...it's not out there? What IF love is not in the cards for me?

In this podcast we are going to address this FEAR and how, if you are becoming Brave in your life, you are going to attract love.

Confidence in who you are creates a confidence in who you are AS A WOMAN IN LOVE.

5 Steps to growing and nurturing the woman that are who lives in SUCCESS, however that looks for her:

  1. Grow more into a strong identity every day.
  2. Feed your mind at least 30 minutes a day.
  3. Move! Heighten your energy by moving your body and being intentional about how you talk to yourself.
  4. Focus on where you want to go, not on your FEAR.
  5. Give more than you receive.

And #6...book a consultation call with me. To see if you want to work with me, yes, but MORE than that to start moving you toward your dream. We'll determine where you are and where you want to go and the steps you can take to get you there. Be brave!

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Episode 40: How To Be As Confident As Wonder Woman On A Date

 Wonder Woman? Excuse me? I'm way beyond 50, flabby and far from being able to fly...so you're asking way too much.

Not asking you to LOOK like Wonder Woman.. . I'm asking you if you SEE yourself as someone who's like Wonder Woman?

What do you think? Could you?

How you see yourself is how you come across - in life AND on a date.

In this episode, I'm going to show you how this affects the way you even approach a date which affects how you feel and how a man feels when he's with you.

Shouldn't it be about both of you just having fun,  enjoying your time together - no matter where that leads?

Here's a hint at the 3 Courage Pillars to help you step into being Brave Enough For Love:

Courage Pillar #1: Your "Why". 
When you live from your BEST self, you will automatically love from that place too. Is this you?

Courage Pillar #2: The Truth Is:
You live, as we all do, in your Comfort Zone. You're telling yourself a Story about why you can't get out of it. Stay in that Story -...
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Episode 38: Are YOU Brave Enough For Love?


To be brave...is to take action even when you're scared.

To be brave...is to believe even in love even when you've moved the age needle past 50 and even when you've been hurt.

To be brave...is to hold a picture of the life you want just ahead while putting the steps in place to make it happen. Focusing there...living here.

To be brave...is to love. Period. To let it be who you are with no strings attached.

To be brave...is to create a Plan for love. A "Perfect For Me" Man Plan.  (Click this link to find out how.)

To be brave...is to carry that Plan out.

All of this is what we're talkin' about in this podcast.

Come on in and discover if YOU are brave enough for love.

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Episode 39: How To Be Brave Enough To Choose Mr. Right

The scariest thing about dating is making that FINAL decision..."Yes. I will spend the rest of my life with you." Right?
In this episode we talk about what it takes to, who you need to be, HOW to be as sure as you can be that your "Chooser" isn't broken.

Make these Courage Pillars you foundation:

Pillar of Courage #1: Know your WHY. You want to be one of the BRAVE ones. Brave Enough For Love. 

Pillar of Courage #2: The Truth Is...

  • You don't trust yourself to be a good "Man Chooser".
  • You need to build your Courage muscle in order to step into your Brave Identity

Pillar of Courage #3: Hope-Filled Action: Plan to do some things that scare you and transform you into a good Man Chooser.

Next Brave step for YOU: Talk about your next move toward love. What's standing in your way? Where do you want to go? Click here and do this!  SCHEDULE a consultation with me. No obligation to coach with me - let's just a "feel" for how Brave you are right now.

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