Hey there! I'm Bernice.

I have something amazing
to tell you!

Dreams DO come true.

I found my Over The Moon, Never Leave Me Love through my Man Plan...

Curious? Find out what a "Man Plan" is and how to work with me here.

You can still keep dreaming
Even as you age...

I've been where you are.

Age creeping up there. Uncertain about what's coming.

A little scared.
Feeling vulnerable on the brink of big decisions.
Wondering if getting 'old' has to be the same for me as it is for so many I know.

I'm Bernice McDonald and I'm a Mindset Coach
who helps women beyond 50 who are seeing
their dreams disappearing off into the distance as they age.
Who feel the fear about what comes next.

We are fighters, you and I.
Just like you, I believe that aging has nothing to do with losing purpose.
Dreams are given for a reason.

My focus is on that dream - not on the aging.

How about you?
Looking for a reason to believe that your life is not ending?
That everything you've been through
has some very important value that is yet to impact this world?

Read on...
or, if you can't wait to find out how I can work with you
to shift your heart into
the confidence,
the courage and
the purpose
you're searching for, click the button below.

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Karen C., 67 years old

"You, Bernice, are sweet, soft kind and you ask excellent questions in your style that gets to the point with minimal damage or need for defensive protection.

...after doing the the exercises I am standing taller. By choosing to put myself first, what are my needs, wants, desires and what am I deserving of, it's altered my perspective and made it more than okay to get back on the road to love."

It's a crazy Life...
A beautiful Life

Married for 24 years...so many poor choices and struggles and tears. The Path behind us is riddled with bombs that go off, boulders that drop on us and rocks thrown at us to wound and test.

Divorce was a valley that put my coaching career on hold in the name of survival. And the miles between the end of my marriage and the beginning of this new love chapter were like walking through a deep valley - alone.

Yet I was not alone. Though so often not feeling him, God was there guiding, hearing my heart crying. And, every once in a while, I would look up and ask. "Can you send me a Knight? One of yours?"

I described him. The one I wanted. I wrote a list in detail. And I recorded how I would feel with him At home. In love. Safe. Accepted. Able to make mistakes.

I made so many mistakes. I had to face my heart and my demons. My biggest fears..."Maybe I'm not enough. That's why I'm not loved."

And then...one cold January night it was time. Once again, I was facing one of the formidable challenges of the single woman - a car that wouldn't start.

My Knight stepped up. Offering to help me. Kind eyes. Going the extra mile - for me. I had been learning to "receive". So, being in a public place, I took a risk. I accepted.

Lo and behold...HE was him. The person in my Man Plan. And he was ready to build a love made for two. Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor? He's also the author of a great Story!

If you want love, now is the time to take a brave step. Describe what you want and let God see it. Then get ready! I'm here to help you write your own Man Plan. It works.

I Want A Man Plan

My heart is all about people and drawing out their beautiful

That's been the constant thread in my life as a coach, teacher, author, speaker, mom, wife and friend.

I love the people I work with.

Each is an incredible human being who is simply walking on her Path, a heart living her life, trying to protect her deepest parts and doing the best she can.

Seeing her pain. Her loneliness. How brave she truly is even if she doesn't believe it yet.  Knowing all the love she carries around inside and wants to give with all her might...

All of this moves me from my soul to be there in every way I can.
For her. For you.

It's my heartfelt belief that you don't have
to be alone if you don't want to be.

And that's where I strive to honor you...

By removing the veil from your eyes so you can see your own beauty.

By supporting you as you step around your fear.

By being your guide as you get ready for love again.

Ready to get started with your own Man Plan?

Today is the day you take one courageous step toward the dream in your heart!
Book a Strategy call and let's see what your Brave Enough For Love Pathway will look like.

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With Heart and Passion

(The "official biography")

These two words describe how Bernice McDonald approaches everything she does. 

Trained as a Life Coach in 2003, she chose to refine her focus to Relationship Coaching following her divorce.  Additional courses in coaching couples, singles and divorce recovery became avenues to her own healing.

As a result of the Singles course, she began to create a "Man Plan" which was powerfully instrumental in helping her to maintain her hope, create a vision for the life she wanted and establish a foundation to grow her self-confidence. She believes it was the key tool to help her in  choosing the love of her life which she has now enjoyed for the past 10 years.

Knowing that other women whose hearts had been disappointed by love needed to know the value of this powerful tool, she brought  it into her coaching with awesome success.

She has been greatly influenced, as well, by the Tony Robbins coach training she considers a blessing and transformation factor in her life.

Her side career in Administration over the past 30 years has fed her 2nd love - Strategy. Her skills in assessment, summary, creating resources and project planning all lend themselves to supporting her claim that even love needs a Plan. A Man Plan.

Bernice lives with her Knight in Shining Armor, Sir Roderick, in the condo they call their castle in Grande Prairie, Canada. Together they share the love of their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and go on many adventures.