You Are Brave Enough For Love

Hi! I'm Bernice and I help amazing women (like YOU) who are beyond 50 to be Brave Enough For the Love of their dreams by partnering with them to create their very own "Perfect For Me Man Plan".

That's what I did. This is me on one of the most magical days of my life when my dream came true. I was 55.

Welcome here!

I see you and all your loveliness...

Take this quick assessment. Ask yourself these 5 Questions to see if YOU'RE ready for love again.

It's your heart. Your time. Your way. Your love. Is there something holding you back from stepping up and taking back your dream? Here is where you find out.

The Magic Starts Here

Yes, there's still magic.

You are already brave.

Look at the the broken road behind you.
Instead of letting it defeat you,
you made a decision to let it strengthen you instead.

You live with heart.
You love from your heart.

You keep it quiet but inside you know...
you know that you have so much to give to someone
who could love you back.

Like a Knight. And you, his Lady.
Something inside keeps you believing.

You want a love that is heart-centred and soul driven.
A love that is meant to watch each others' back.
A love where the comfort and safety of the other comes first, always.
A love where, together, you're a force for good in this world.

You want a love that is wonderfully intimate.
A love that ties you together

with an invisible golden thread even when you're apart.
Finishing each other's sentences.
Talking long into the night. Laughing. Crying. Dreaming.

You want a love that lets you make mistakes.
A place to learn without being judged.
A place to grow and be encouraged.
A place to give and receive.

What You NEED is a Plan

A place where you write all of this down.
Your vision. To be like a guidebook.

A Perfect For You Man Plan.

The picture - the Love Story you want - before you find it.

Together, you and I are going to sort through what's in your heart. And then tap into the courage you already have to ensure you don't settle for anything  less.

He WILL be drawn to you. And  your heart will be ready.

Are YOU ready to embrace the Brave Enough For Love lifestyle?

I'm Ready to be Brave

"Thank you ! I'm so happy. It's like a floaty ridiculous happy ! Lol . We leave for our honeymoon to Mexico on Monday!"

Kim's Man Plan led her to this moment
Kim Peters, Grande Prairie, AB

"'Bernice, every time I have come this far on this journey, I have stopped. Thanks to you I have plans and steps to go beyond and I am so excited! I am so glad you are in my life!' "

Trina, Red Deer, AB

I'm Bernice and I do see you, lovely lady.

I see your compassion, your joy, your desire to live your life to the full.

I see your integrity,  your high commitment to living your values and that dedication to each standard that is so important to you.

I see your heart. Your beautiful heart overflowing with a love that is precious. Fiercely loyal. Incomparable.

My work is about witnessing all of this and reflecting it back to you. To help you understand what value you hold.

What gold you are.

And how it's Ok to want the best love. To hold out for the best love.

The love that is only for the brave. This journey is for those who are willing to take a stand for what they believe in. For what they need. And for what they have to offer someone who is equally as courageous.

It's time to step up to honor yourself. To answer the call to be everything that you are. Without apology.

Let's unveil your light and let it shine because the world needs you. And, somewhere out there, a Knight is searching for someone exactly like you. Let's start getting your heart ready to meet him.

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